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Real Research – RR

Real Research is a small, but rapidly-growing, biotech start-up founded in 2017 by two alumni of one of the best universities in Poland – Jagiellonian University.

We are determined to change the way people carry out research – moving it away from inefficient 2D cell cultures to the much more reliable 3D cultures.

Innowacyjne produkty i usługi

LifeGel technology gives the possibility to match the perfect hydrogel for each cell line. LifeGel technology is a panel of hydrogels with a range of elasticity from 180 Pa to 5 kPa.

LifeGel for 3D cell culture is a ready-to-use cell culture plate containing protein-base hydrogel. Cells seeded on the surface of LifeGel can form three-dimensional (3D) structures, like spheroids. LifeGel is a unique product on the market because of its spectacular properties.


  • 3D cell culture customization
  • analysis of your project to meet your needs and expectations
  • direct consultation with experienced chemists and biotechnologies
  • responsible and flexible team
  • technical and technological knowledge
  • experience in solving difficult analytical projects

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Nowoczesna diagnostyka i terapia, Digital Health
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ul. prof. Michała Bobrzyńskiego 14

30-348 Kraków


tel: 603 984 577


e-mail: realresearch@realresearch.life

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